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Reading Analysis

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The reading analyzer is a Master Writer who constructively criticizes style. The analysis is not editing but giving ideas on how to improve the quality of writing.


Winning books have a winning style. Master Writers do things differently than everyone else. To enter into the club of being an elite author, writing must have some elements that go beyond normal writing guidelines. When raising the bar to master writing, new concepts are not criticisms, but the birth of new tools.

  • Point out areas that need to be more in-depth and parts that need simplified to keep the story moving forward.

  • Do the transitions connect and capture wonder?

  • Adding clarity so that readers do not get lost in the story.

  • The idea needs to be stated clearly even when the plot is a puzzle.

  • Stories need a rich combination of action and setting.

  • Are paragraphs sequential – Good paragraphs start well, build and move the story forward without restating.

  • Does the section have a useful purpose – does the section add value to the reader/judge?

  • The book or segment needs to have cohesion – The story needs to flow and fit together.

$150 for first 5,000 words

$20 for each additional 1,000 words

Small samples often reflect style. Once a new writing concept is implemented, style enhancement can be applied throughout the whole book. If book cohesion is sought, the entire book will need to be read.

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